Relational Life Couple’s Therapy, RLT

A good relationship is not one in which the raw parts of ourselves are avoided. A good relationship is one in which they are handled. And a great relationship is one in which they are healed. – Terry Real, Author of The New Rules of Marriage.

Traditional couple’s counseling doesn’t work for everyone. Sometimes it even makes things worse. Relational Life Therapy is a different approach.

In RLT, we empower couples to step out of their destructive communication cycles. They abandon entrenched patterns that destroy their love and build new skills. Couples actively repair their damaged partnerships, embracing the true joy of relational living.

RLT work will inspire you! As you gently let go of toxicity and resentment, learn how to communicate effectively, you’ll rediscover love.

RLT is about joining together and building a marital culture of respect, appreciation, and cherishing. Our work will provide a relationship vision of how a wise relational life could be. Your marriage will become a safe haven in which you celebrate the joy of authentic connection.

I’ll offer you tools, insight and strategy that will empower you as you embark on this wonderful journey toward healing and connection. Feel free to look in the Relationship Resources page for several examples of the type of work we do.