Relational Life Therapy (RLT)

Relational Life Therapy, or RLT is based on the groundbreaking work of Terrence Real. RLT is educational, action-oriented, and provocative. The focus is on action and doing, rather than on talking and seeking insight. The first and most important goal of RLT is simple:

Teach people to live relationally.

Relational Life Therapy is based on the assumption that your relationship is a practice, something like mindfulness meditation. Your relationship is built moment by moment, a little at a time.

Our goal is to get very clear on patterns that are creating pain and disconnection and replace them with new patterns.

We’ll interrupt your current way of interacting and replace it with productive new ways to talk to each other. One way we do that is by slowing your conversations down. I’ll ask one of you to speak while the other one listens. You will learn that the Speaker and the Listener are different roles with different requirements. You’ll get a lot of practice doing both.

In our sessions together, you’ll come to understand the ecology of your relationship. Like the environment, if you pollute your relationship with toxic behavior, you breathe the toxicity. You’ll integrate that learning into day-to-day actions that lead you to cherishing your partner. You will learn to be more loving, and behave in compassionate, mutually- beneficial ways. You and your partner will stop competing with each other.

We’ll break trouble spots down into bite-sized pieces so that you’ll have a way to work through the problems that are giving your relationship a headache.

You’ll learn to communicate better so that you can

  • complain constructively,
  • listen respectfully and generously, and
  • empower each other to live relationally.

You’ll develop effective dependency, build emotional maturity, and enjoy a true thriving life partnership. That’s what we mean by living relationally.

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